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Having your own tools v. using the tools of the employer?

Many mechanics have no idea that they are getting underpaid in the industry. Many provide their own tools while working on the job site. Many new mechanics use the tools of the employer while on the job site. An auto shop must provide all the tools, equipment and uniforms an employee needs to do the job. If you choose to use and maintain your own tools the employer pays at least twice the minimum wage to an employee. This means the employer cannot require an employee to provide his or her own tools unless the employer pays that employee at least twice the minimum wage. Tools can range from the $5,000- $20,000 to even more which is why the labor code provides for double pay.

What should I do if I provide my own tools but am not getting paid right?

It is always recommended that you try to resolve things amicably while working at the employer still. You should speak with Human Resources or your manager. You want to make sure that you document your conversations and when you had these conversations. Further, document that tools you have and why you need them. Also, document the tools that the employer has.

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