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My name is Corey Pingle and I am an experienced employment law and personal injury attorney practicing in California. I have assisted in helping hundreds of clients in employment and personal injury matters over the years. I understand that the legal process can be stressful and confusing. It is my goal to remove the stress and comfortably walk you through the entire legal process. I strive to get all my clients the best results and the outcome they deserve.  I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with your case. 




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  • I’m only giving this review because of Corey Pingle…there were 2 others that assisted me in a case but couldn’t complete and were not very responsive. BUT when Corey assisted me with my case that took about a year to complete (I wish I had Corey at first, then I could have had my money sooner) Corey was very responsive and followed up thoroughly! I haven’t had customer service for a while like how Corey handled Things! So that’s why I’m here leaving a review per his request which I am more than happy to do since he got my money QUICKLY and too add he got my friends money asap too! Thanks Corey keep doing what you do! You will go far with your career. 

    Michele B.
    Yelp Review
  • This company went above and beyond to help me with my case and they made it so easy for me in such a hard time. Corey was so good at communication with me. I’m just thankful for all their help.

    Zully C
    Yelp Review
  • I had a great experience with this law firm. I had an issue with my previous employer and I was really a very stressful situation for me but I’m glad and thankful to have found Mr. Corey Pingle the lawyer that helped me, very professional and easy going he helped me through out the process, he made things easy and smooth for me and most importantly he explained everything thoroughly and offered me the best options, great layer. Thank you Corey!

    Nichael R.
    Yelp Review
  • Lawyers for employees is great and I would recommend it to everyone who has issues with their employer. They are going to fight for you into you get everything you deserve. Ask for Corey he is the greatest!!!!

    Dontae P
    Yelp Review
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